The smell of Happiness and Hygge

Monday March 20 is International Happiness Day – have you made plans for the day?

Let me recommend that you host a Compassion Pancakes party at your workplace, with friends or at home.

Collage_Fotor smell happiness

The concept of a Compassion Pancakes Party is very simple: You make a lot of pancakes and share them with others. In exchange for these pancakes you ask your guests to fill out a card, where they pledge to do something kind for someone else, or even for themselves. These cards can be shared on social media and hung on strings to be worn as nametags, posted on a display for everyone else to see and be inspired.

Do you want to get inspired? Download the free e-book here: and get 18 amazing recipes and the history of the pancake.

The smell of pancakes is the smell of happiness.