Why Awareness Compassion Pancakes?

Last year I decided to give myself the gift of attending the TED Global 2014 in Rio.

For a very long time, I have found inspiration in the many TED talks, and the chance to go to Rio for this event seemed like a dream come true. And it was! I promise to write more about the experience in a future post.

Before the conference, I had to fill out information for my attendees badge, including 3 things listed as; Talk to me about:

The first two was easy; Awareness, because I find, that Awareness is the key, – the key to getting the best out of life, and the key to love. And Compassion, because self-compassion and compassion in general, is essential for all of us in evolving as humans.

The third subject was a bit harder to figure out. I kept saying Awareness Compassion and … And for some strange reason, my mind kept coming up with Pancakes!

Pancakes? I could not write that I thought. But the idea kept coming back, and somehow it made sense. I love pancakes! Everybody loves pancakes. We all have our favorit type of pancakes. Eating pancakes is almost always something we do in the company of others – it is social-food. When we cook pancakes we do so with love, and with the desire to please the people around us. And most important, we all have nice pancake-memories to share.

So there. Awareness Compassion Pancakes!

After including the 3 subjects in my badge information, I felt the inspiration to talk more about those specifically – and slowly the idea of a blog, and a book project came to life.

I would love to, and plan to, share my views and thoughts on Awareness Compassion and Pancakes with you, and I hope, that you will feel inspired to share as well.