Free E-book about Compassion Pancakes

Today is International Pancake Day – the perfect day to launch my new book: Compassion Pancakes. I hope the book will inspire you to use pancakes as positive motivation to spread joy the whole year round.

In honour of this day the book will be available for free download via this page:


The book is written in Danish and in English – 100 pages including the history of the pancake, pancakes as positive psychology, and 18 amazing recipes for e.g. Danish, Icelandic, Argentinian, and American pancakes, pancake-cake, and Christmas pancakes.

The book also describes how to host a Compassion Pancake Party, that combines the pleasure of cooking and eating pancakes, with a positive pledge to an act of kindness, and the desire to share this with others.

I hope you enjoy reading the book, and that you will cook some pancakes!

Pancakes are Positive Psychology

For the last 6 months I have been studying positive psychology, and I now feel confident to say that Pancakes are in deed positive psychology in action.

Just think about it. Actually – just think about pancakes! Are you smiling a little? Feeling good?

My point! And let me elaborate.

The father of positive psychology, Martin Seligman, defines well-being as a construct with five measurable elements (PERMA) that count toward it:

Positive Emotion



Meaning and purpose


You get ALL these elements, when you bake pancakes for someone.

Positive emotion

Just thinking about pancakes made you smile! Pancakes are comfort food, we make them because we feel good, and because it makes us feel good to eat them. The anticipation when we bake them is a positive emotion – and not only do we look forward to eating the pancakes, we enjoy the thought of sharing them, the thought of making someone else feel good, when we serve them these round cakes of happiness.


Engagement is really about flow. It is a present moment, where we are challenged and our abilities are just enough to face that exact challenge. Flow is when we are deeply engaged in something, and loose track of time.

Baking pancakes is a state of flow – especially, when you bake the Danish or French crepes, that are thin, and where precision is needed to flip them without breaking them.

Making great pancakes require presence and focus. Flow.


Pancakes are social food. We (almost?) always bake pancakes for another person or for a group. You bake pancakes for people you love, and you know, that someone baking you pancakes is an act of love.

Eating pancakes strengthen our sense of togetherness and makes us feel socially safe.

Pancakes are a part of every close relationship – or at least they should be. #lovetoshare

Meaning and purpose

What could be more meaningful than feeding yourself, and the people you love, great food? I suggest, that it is always meaningful to cook food, since we need food to survive – but in this case there is added meaning and purpose, because of the positive emotions, engagement and social benefit that comes with baking pancakes specifically.

Well-being is the purpose of pancakes.


Just think of the huge stack of panckes you have baked – that sure feels like an accomplishment! I know, that it is not something that is going to change the world, but it sure feels like an accomplishment, when you put that last baked pancake on the plate. You feel content and proud in a good and non-selfish way.

2015-05-10 15.07.31

Need I say more?

Pancakes are positive psychology in action. Now go bake!



Creature of habit

“Whenever you meet new people, you have the opportunity to be a little more you.”

Someone told me that many years ago, and I have remembered ever since.

The thing is, that we are all creatures of habit, and not only when it comes to eating habits, what we watch on tv or how we brush our teeth, but also when it comes to our psychological and social behaviour.

Habits are a great concept! We save time and energy, when certain behavioural patterns happen automatically, without the need for awareness, pause and deciding before action. The problem is of course, that not all our habits are in consonance with the life we want to live, or our true personalities.

This last year, I have had the chance to look into the subject of Positiv Psychology. I attended the Fourth World Congress of Positive Psychology in Orlando in june, and I have had a lot of inspiring discussions with people who have studied PP for a long time. A lot of them encouraged me to take a test to map my character strengths. Actually I was overbearingly laughed at, and thought to be the only attendee at the conference who had NOT taken the test.

With awareness is the key as one of my mantras of course I had to take the test. Getting a closer look at my character strengths might not surprise me, but surely it would be a good reminder. And a chance to reevaluate my habits.

I took the test! And my top 5 character strengths (there are 24 in all) turned out to be:

  1. Creativity
  2. Integrity
  3. Social intelligence
  4. Bravery
  5. Perspective

At the bottom of the list (but still strengths I mind you..)

  • 22. Humility & modesty
  • 23. Appreciation of beauty & excellence
  • 24. Self regulation..

Hmm… No –  it was not surprising. But it did make me reconsider some of my habits and especially what I focus on in my professional life.

Working with tasks where I use my top strengths bring out the me in me. That´s where I feel energized and do my best work.

Am I in the habit of using my top strengths when it comes to my work?

Well, not as much as I would like to – I will work on that!

Back to the part about meeting new people, and the opportunity to be a little more you.

As I am sure you experience it too, my relationships become “habits” pretty fast. They get stuck in patterns in the shape of roles; I am the boss, sister, friend, daughter, lover, ex-wife, best friend, niece, etc.

Depending on who I spend time with I have a “fully-prepared-social-behaviour” package ready, and the package seldom changes.

In every individual relationship and in all group relationships, we usually have the behaviour “set” – and once it is set, it becomes a habit that can be really hard to change.

Just think back at a reunion you have attended. Even 20 years after highschool or university, when a class meets, they instantly fall into the same roles and behavioural patterns that they had when they went to school together. They have all changed, but they keep each other (pretty much unaware of doing so) stuck in old social habits.

Can the habits be changed?

I guess it is possible, but it surely takes awareness, time and effort. Not only do you have to change your actual behaviour, you also have to “make” the other person (or even harder; group) see the difference, because he or she is in the habit of seeing you in a certain way. The change has to be quite noticeable.

When I meet new people I remind myself to be as authentic as I can – from the beginning. And in the relationships I am already in – i do the same, and try to create small changes of habit over time.

Who, and doing what, brings out the you in you?

“Choice is creation. To choose is to create. Through my choices I create my reality. At every moment in my life I have a choice. Moments add up to a lifetime; choices add up to a life. What kind of life do I want for myself? What choices will create this kind of life?” – Tal Ben-Shahar

Seek those who fan your flames

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” – Rumi

Spending time with people who fan your flames, is a key component in a happy life. At least it is to me!

I spend time with a lot of people, and I enjoy the company of most of them, but there are some who stand out and really fan my flames.

These people inspire me, I find pleasure in their company and they challenge me to grow as a person. And I sense that they feel the same way

Awareness, compassion, inspiration, synergy, love, pleasure and meaning are words I would use to describe the essence of these relationships.

I am sure that if you look at the people surrounding you, you will also be able to pin point some of them as “special” in that sense.

It is only recently that I have proactively been seeking the company of people who I can relate to in this way. Attending TED Global in Rio last year was probably the first time I made it a priority. But it is something that I now value and strive to integrate in my life much more than I have done so in the past.

Don´t take this the wrong way – I am in no way devaluating the relationship I have with most of the people I know – I am just acknowledging, that some relationships or connections, or whatever you choose to call them, have a special quality and intensity that stand out.

As I have mentioned a couple of times before, I have not been the most social person you can imagine, so initiating new relationships is not something that comes natural to me. BUT in respect of my (new) life rule about taking a step forward and not backwards, when I hesitate in a situation – I try to do the same in my interaction with other people.

I am no longer (that) afraid of telling someone, that I value their company, that I find them inspiring, and that I would love to spend more time with them.

And what has the consequence been? My life is on fire!

You can do it to!  Prioritize the people you already know who fan your flames, and seek to find more.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
– Carl Jung 

Enjoying the transformation, I wish you all a great weekend!

4 AM

Jetlag! Second night after returning from a week in San Fransisco. It is almost 4 AM. But I have this smile stuck on my face..

I had a great week in San Fransisco. Great company and amazing experiences. If you have never been? You must go!

The first morning after we arrived, we woke up at 3 AM, and decided to just make the best of it. So at 4 AM we went out for breakfast, and had pancakes of course. With strawberries – what a joy.

Pandekager jordbær San Fransisco

We walked for 3 hours; From Pier 1 to past pier 39.. Saw Pier 1:

Pier 1

Bay bridge

Hanna Pier 1IMG_2149

And sea lions

Sea Lion

I love early mornings. It is peaceful, clear thoughts – and if you go for a walk, you see something new..

We did not get up at 4 AM every morning, but the rest of the week left me wanting nothing… The pictures will give you an idea:

IMG_2315 IMG_2320 IMG_2356 IMG_2294 IMG_2232 IMG_2319

And let´s not forget the pancakes! had a lot of those:

IMG_2333 IMG_2306 IMG_2247 Pancake breakfast

Last, but far from least; we took a helicopter ride! This is the fast version:

I guess now you know, why I have this smile stuck on my face.

San Fransisco was just “my” 4 AM – take time to watch these 8 minutes of lyrical origami about the 4 AM mystery:

If the video does not open – try this TED 4AM

I will try to get some sleep now…

P.s. Feel Free

The paradox of a restriction making me feel free, inspired me to write this P.s. to my post A Silent Perspective.

The 2 hours of Silent Sightseeing guided by Bastian Overgaard reminded me, that awareness and selfobservation are key to understanding, that the thoughts in our heads do not define who we are. They are thoughts – thats all! And we are all free to agree or disagree with them, and free to choose our own actions in response.

Being restricted to silence very quickly made me aware of how often my thoughts just turn into speech. The urge to react to my own thoughts by saying something became crystal clear, and having to stop myself from speaking changed my focus and gave room for awareness.

“When you recognize that there is a voice in your head that pretends to be you and never stops speaking, you are awakening out of your unconscious identification with the stream of thinking. When you notice that voice, you realize that who you are is not the voice — the thinker — but the one who is aware of it.

Knowing yourself as the awareness behind the voice is freedom.

– Eckhart Tolle

This is the point, that the silent experience reminded me of. And yes, we do need to be reminded. Well, at least I do!

There is a big difference between knowing something to be true – because you have read and understood it – and then experiencing it to be true. And sometimes we forget a little..

Inspired by silence and feeling free – let me end this post with another quote;

“Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.”

– Jean-Paul Sartre

With freedom comes responsibility…

Wondering about the flowers in my hair? I felt free!

Feel Free

A Silent Perspective

2 hours of Silent Sightseeing in Copenhagen, guided by the inspiring and talented Bastian Overgaard was a unique experience.

The idea of sightseeing in silence might strike you as odd, but the silence makes the seeing and the sensing much more intense, and it gives you a different perspective. A silent perspective.

When you choose to be silent in a group it differs a lot from just being silent on your own. As Bastian explained it; an intelligent silence arises.

What might be experienced as a restriction – you are not allowed to speak – turnes into a synergy in the group and you feel free to take in the world around you, and become one with reality.

Silence is a great doorway to awareness, and the sightseeing makes you observe. You observe the things around you, but most important you observe your self. Awareness is the key, and silence is a great tool.

Walking the streets of Copenhagen in a group – in silence – made us all feel like spectators, watching the everyday play of life.

This afternoon was a bit special though. It was election day in Denmark, so the focus of our sightseeing was the area around the Parliament building. The place was buzzing with people, journalists and politicians, and gave me mixed feelings of pride and gratitude for our democracy, combined with an outrage against the methods used in the political campaigns.

My 2 hour role as a silent spectator made me think of a Shakespeare quote;

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.”

Thank you Bastian for inspiring A Silent Perspective!

Let me share with you a few pictures from the sightseeing;

2015-06-18 17.18.32

2015-06-18 17.26.43

2015-06-18 17.23.59

2015-06-18 17.30.48

2015-06-18 17.53.40

2015-06-18 17.41.28


2015-06-18 17.29.52

2015-06-18 18.24.11

2015-06-18 18.25.23

2015-06-18 18.24.43

2015-06-18 18.59.15

Picture Perfect Now

A picture says more than a thousand words – but it also captures the now and becomes an elegant reminder that the present moment is all there is. It is always now!

Sometimes looking at a great pictures is just what we need to become present. In a way it makes time stop – or at least makes the storm of thoughts in our mind stop. A great picture lets us feel the moment. We can not truly enjoy a picture, or any other form of art, without being present.

In that way a picture is a “double” now. It captures a now – and you can only enjoy it now.

Please join me, and take a look at some great pictures, that 3 photographers very generously have allowed me to share with you. And stay on until the end – the last one is my personal favorit.

The first three pictures I will share with you are taken by Thomas Gregersen – my (dear) ex-husband. Me, the dog and a beautiful spring forrest. Open each picture – and feel the now.




Now – now – now! And how Thomas has kept reminding me of that..

Twice within the last month I have had the pleasure of working with Photographer Elona Sjögren. I needed some portraits and some pictures for a special work project, and Elona came highly recommended.

Elona challenged me in a great way, when we made the portraits. This first picture is not what I imagined – but it is me. She caught me!

4 copy

The next picture was actually taken after we had finished the photoshoot, and it is one of my favorits. What a now! I was getting up from the floor, and almost lost my balance. Look what she captured. So very unexpected.

_K8A7577_OK copy

Elona, I love how you inspire and capture the now.

And now, let me keep you present!


That should get your attention!

This picture, and the ones to follow, are the genius work of Lin Sebastian Kayser. I met Lin at TED Global in Rio last year. One afternoon we where standing in line to get in to the talks, and he showed me some pictures he had taken. Time stopped. When you see these next pictures, I am sure they will make time stop for you as well.







I promised you the best for last, right?! Well, here it is. This picture by Lin Sebastian Kayser was taken at the Memorial to the murdered jews of Europe in Berlin. Lin, this takes my breath away!


One last note of thought; look around you now! The now is picture perfect – you just have to stay present, and see what is there. It is always now.

Iceland my love

There is nothing like the forces of nature to force you into the present moment, inspire awareness and make you feel love in every cell of your body. Iceland my love, how you do just that!

For the last three days I have traveled Iceland, and enjoyed the amazing scenery, fresh air and good company.

Visiting a place like Gullfoss makes you feel insignificant in a good way, and it made me feel grateful and humble at the same time.

2015-05-16 12.15.38-1

Water falling, and water rising – the Geysir was absolutely worth a visit. I enjoyed watching people SO present just focusing on the surface of the geysers not knowing, when it would do its magic and spray high in the air.

2015-05-16 11.07.36-1

There is something about perspective! And seeing things from above gives you a whole other impression. We went on a small plane ride for 40 minutes overlooking the Reykjavik area, and it was beautiful.

2015-05-16 08.52.33

I you want to hear sweet music that best describes the love of Iceland – take a few minutes, and listen to this:

Iceland my love, you will always have a place in my heart – and I haven´t even tasted your pancakes yet..

Afternoon Pancakes #2 – I confess to an egg.

Actually I confess to two eggs! Afternoon Pancakes was once again a pleasure – friends and pancakes are a combination that just can´t go wrong.

I do however confess to “pimping” the recipe with two eggs…

When I did a trial run on Friday, I found that the pancakes needed a little extra, when served “plain”, which means without anything cooked into them. So I simply added 2 eggs. It did the trick!

Baking these Dutch pancakes was a bit different, because of the fresh yeast that goes into them. It was fun to try, and worked great. Amazing to watch the yeast bubble in less than 10 minutes. Just look at this;

2015-04-12 12.35.052015-04-12 12.48.05

I made 2,5 times the recipe for 7 people. There was 2 pancakes left over (no one held back), and Katrine got those to take home to her boyfriend, so that she wouldn´t have to bake her self.

2015-04-12 15.13.25 HDR

None of my guests had ever tried Dutch Pancakes before. They all liked them, and the syrup (stroop) and powdered sugar where a hit.

2015-04-12 15.17.05

If you haven´t tried the recipe yet, I recommend you invite good friends and try them soon. With or without the eggs..